marketing, product designer

Hi! I am Alexander Shatov, marketing & product designer. For more than 4 years, I've been working at companies & startups to build b2b & b2c products & acquire customers through design.

my experience:

marketing &
product designer at

Dec 2017 - Current
We make Spark, Documents, Fluix, Scanner Pro & 4 other worldknown productivity apps for +120 million users. I am working on the usability of the B2B and B2C products and made campaign ideation processes for online marketing, that acquired hundreds of large, high lifetime value enterprises as customers.
Right now, my main focus is on: Fluix – SaaS workflow automation system. We are making a horizontal solution, that can be effective for thousands of employees in different industries, from renewable energy to aviation.

We achieved over 400+ customers. BMW, Siemens, Roche, Scandinavian Airlines and Zurich Insurance are now our long term clients. +10000 their field workers and employees use our product on a daily basis.

co-founder &
product designer at

Aug 2019 - Current
Created the product, which gives b2b and b2c customers the simplest way to track every move of their competition and discover hidden growth opportunities on Instagram & Tik Tok.
Focused on the product & brand. Created key marketing materials: from presentations for investors to the main website. Designed the beta version of the platform. Achieved to have 50+ European and USA companies in beta tests.

co-founder &
designer at Panther

Feb 2019 - Current
We created the skin care brand with the professional cosmetologist, who dreamed to create skin care products, that will not only heal girls skin and hair, but also give the great delight by flavors and ease of use.
Accomplished over 1000 customers in half a year. Focusing on brand, ad campaigns & product design – we make Panther an essential part of daily routines.

marketing designer at

Feb 2017 - Dec 2017
Worked on a new look of platform and enhancing the online presence of one of the leaders in Ukrainian music/design/video production in 2016-2017. Now the company is splitted up to new niche agencies and closed. Tried to find a comprehensive way to present the studio like something new on the Ukraine production market.
Made several studio products: websites, mobile apps, AR apps and events, in which +1000 young creatives took part in 2017. With the team created the music label & developed projects in the engineering & creative fields.

product designer & front-end developer at startups

Nov 2016 - Feb 2017
Worked on products and startups from Exclusive Dog Selling Web Application to Professional Tour Guides Search Platform.
Participated in different Hackathons: Media Hack Weekend, Garage 48, NASA Space Challenge, Make-A-Thon.

some of my side projects:

my focus is to

deliver the
right message

to the right audience by adding patterns, clarity & shine to copy, visuals & story.

create, test
& optimize

product & marketing design ideas through researches, experiments & interviews.

analyze & code the results

focusing on creating products, websites, landing pages, ads & email campaigns.

my lectures & short films:


Perception of typography in web interfaces.


User thinking. How to work with it?


Introduction of our media platform where creatives come together to create an unique products.

360 video

360 ​​video from my calligraffiti collaboration with beat maker and his ambient music set.


My calligraffiti art short film.

my education

bachelor of mathematics & computer science

Sep 2015 - Sep 2019
Was a mathematics faculty student at Odessa National University. Worked on solving complex projects in different areas. Key subjects were differential equations & analytics. And, yeap, mathematician can be a designer :)
Math background gave me a chance to solve problems from different perspective. I was fond of programming on Python & R language. It helped me to understand how big data analytics works for different projects.

product management data-driven course

Completed course. I experienced real-world product management challenges and received practical skills of working with data, metrics and analytics systems. Studied all stages of work on products, starting with the idea, and continuing through the launch, the stages before and after finding value, scaling, marketing and product growth.

front-end course, advanced level

Completed advanced level course of front-end programming. Have studied deep aspects of creating high-quality code, adaptivity and accessibility issues, React framework and more. After, started to participate in Front-End Meetups of my teacher: & gave lectures in this school for design classes.

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